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Welcome to Q's QUALITY WOOD WORK. My work as a wheelwright 
 began 2004 with a request to make a bobbin for my mother's spinning 
guild in Great Falls, Montana.  
The workings and design of a spinning wheel inspired me to research the mechanics and history of the spinning machine.  What I found was 
astonishing.  The many approaches to the spinning arts seemed to be 
formed by the very culture in which it resided.  Depending on the area, 
the spinning wheel developed a particular form to meet the needs of it's 
region.  These developments were driven by the materials available, fibers used, and textiles desired by each culture.
Today's spinning culture in the USA, creates with many, if not all, of these fibers today. 
I create to meet the needs of today's many spinning art forms, making 
wheels and accessories that included many of the ideas I find in my restoration work, in the past,  of antique wheels of many cultures.
It is my hope to diminish the stereotypes fiber artist may have with their approach to their art by combining the many cultural ways the spinning wheel is made and how it is used.
I like to think of my creations as a Folk Art.  Each piece is individually 
designed and carved without forms or layout templates on the lathe.  I 
strive to use reclamation lumber for my art with small embellishments 
from exotic hardwoods from around the world.
My niddy noddies were at the mail box safe and sound last night when I went to pick them up. They are lovely and so is the leather pouch. I had great fun putting them together in their various configurations and hope to put them to work for real later this week. Love your wood choices too. Very happy customer!  Worth the wait too. K

Looks fantastic! Thank you so much for your beautiful work.KG 

Awesome! Thank you so much. CS

The wheel is beautiful!  I haven't had time to sit and spin anything, but I did take her for a spin!  NICE!  Thanks so much! LS

Fantastic craftsmanship, very detailed and precise work with Beautiful wood options and details available.
I have spun many hours on several of these custom made wheels and have been very impressed with the smooth, fast action and attention to detail in them.
There are many custom options available for Spinning wheels, Lazy Kates, Yarn Swifts and Orifice Hooks.DD

Beautiful wood & craftsmanship. Every tool is truly a work of art. Very happy with what I have received & plan to purchase more.SV


Hi Steven,
The wheel has arrived safely and has been easily reassembled. I wanted to fill  several bobbins before I sent you a note, so I could give you an honest assessment. The verdict is in and I absolutely LOVE this wheel! It spins smoothly, treadles effortlessly and is nearly silent. The old and the new blend together to make a beautiful well functioning wheel. It appeals to me on so many levels. I am a life long collector of antiques in general, so I love the antique portion of the wheel. Also, I have spun on many, many wheels and when I sat down to spin, this wheel just "sung" to me. I love the large diameter of the drive wheel, seems like a Scandinavian production wheel. I would say this is a perfect fit! Some wheels just feel right from the get go and this one does for me. Obviously I am a huge fan of your work and craftsmanship. Thank you so much for creating these one of a kind wheels and I feel fortunate to own two!
Have a good weekend,
p.s. The box was very sturdy and well built!
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