We have just finished our tour of NW USA. What a ride.  We met wonderful people in Hailey ID at the Trailing of the Sheep. There was  great food , folk music and dancing. 
 Then we off the Monroe WA for the Fiber Fusion festival.  As per  usual, the people were very         friendly and it was a nice event.  I invite any of you as vendors or fiber enthusiast to attend any of these festivals.  

We will be making a tour of the same route in March.  Keep in touch as we update our schedule.
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Q's Original Hand Crafted Wheels
Dream Spinner
I have put this custom wheel through her paces. She is wonderful...Dream Spinner. She is equipped with a 27" drive wheel, a 2 speed whorl: 12:1 and 16:1 ratios,6 bobbins, and a floor model Lazy Kate. This wheel is made for production for lace and finger weight yarns but is built with a 5/16" orifice to accommodate plying. The bobbins will hold up to 5 oz. of yarn (depending on the yarn and twist). I was able to spin the pictured singles at an ounce per hour at a very leisurely pace.
She is made of a piece of Fiddleback Maple, locally purchased at Bad Goat Timber Products (restoration wood), Walnut from The Good Wood Guys in GTF (also land and water restoration wood) and South American hardwoods for accents. 

Stahl's Bavarian Sidestep Wheel
I would like  to present my last commissioned spinning wheel, I refer to as Stahl's Bavarian Side Step Wheel.  The Stahl's have recycled their barn to make room for a goat milking dairy and a ranch subsidiary supply store.

They requested I make the wheel out of some of the fir they reclaimed from the floor of the old barn.  My client has some mobility issues and I recommended that she look at the design of a Bavarian Sidestep Wheel for ease of use (she is a beginner) and ergonomics.  I also decided to make the wheel capable of being used either right or left hand.  The majority of the fir from the barn was used to remodel the interior of their home.  The combination of the wheel and the fir trimmed house made a beautiful marriage.  The 3 bobbins were made for spinning about 3 oz. of material at a 10:1 and 7:1 ratio.

Q's first creation, Genesis, made in the Saxony Style.  Wheel axle, spindle and footman set in sealed ball bearings.  This insures a smooth action and very little maintenance.  Bearings keep metal parts from wood contact and eliminates oil from discoloring and softening supporting fixtures.
This wheel was engineered with a 7:1 and 11:1 ratio on the bobbins for spinning a variety of sizes and types of fibers.  The spindle is set at 24 1/4" from the floor with a 3/8" orifice. The "Mother of All" is designed with an Irish Brake and single poly drive for convenience.  Bobbins hold a generous 5 oz. of fiber.
Genesis is made from hard maple with S. American mountain mahogany laminates.  Trim is African hardwoods of Coaca Bola and mahogany. The full size treadle is made of Montana Juniper.
Construction is done with threaded legs and pegs so that the wheel can be completely disassembled for moving and shipping.

Sheryl's Legacy
We are excited to present Q's second creation, Sheryl's Legacy.  This wheel was created in the saxony style with a split table.  The lines of the wheel were kept light as requested by the client but still retains a great deal of strength with the use of exotic hardwoods from South America and Africa.  This wheel was made with African Mahogany, Bobinga, Curly Bobinga, Coca Bola, and Curly and Hard Maple.  There are many other little embellishments on the wheel to give it beauty and uniqueness.
The Maidens,  made of Curly Maple, have sealed bearings enclosed for minimum maintenance, wear and smooth action.  The flyer is made of Coaca Bola in three pieces for strength and maximum size to accomodate the bobbins.  The "Maiden's Table" is made of Black Walnut from Washington State.  The "Mother of All" sits upon a pedestal of Coaca Bola and Bobinga.  The drive whorl, made of Curly Bobinga, is carved to a 7:1 and 11:1 ratio for wide variety of spinning styles and different fibers.  The spindle is machined from USA stainless steel for durability.  The orifice is 3/8" to spin heavy yarns but machined smooth for the finest of fibers. The bobbins were designed to hold up to 5oz. of fiber.
The "Footman", made of Black Walnut, is attached to the wheel with a hand carved brass crank with a ratio of 10:1 for smooth pedalling.  Given the construction of the actual wheel being Bobinga, it's natural weight gives momentum to the wheel with little effort. The wheel action is complimented with sealed bearings in the axle stand.  The treadle is made of Montana Juniper and connected with hand tooled leather for flexibility and a traditional look. The treadle is also bushed on it's axis with nylon to give a smoother action and durability.
The wheel has been constructed of Bobinga and has a 24" diameter.  The spokes are carved from African Mahogany and are decorated with a variety of exotics for beauty.  Note the laminated beads on the spindles of the wheel.  The hub is carved of Coaca Bola.