Spinning and Weaving Accessories
Please take a look at the many examples of accessories created by Q's Quality Wood Work.  Accessories are created to fit your specific needs.  Give us a call or e-mail and we'll discuss your ideas.  All pieces are made individually and are unique.  An accessory that is yours alone and... it's affordable.
Bird's Eye Cherry Folding Lazy Kate
This Lazy Kate was custom made for my client to fit her bobbins.  All woods are hand selected for optimum beauty.  Contact Q by email to order yours. 
2 yard plus  Skeinwinder
 Spnning Accessories
2 yard adjustable skeinwinder. Cutom made in Hardwood
This skeinwinder is made of Hard Maple and Black Walnut with two adjustable arms.  Each one is made individually and to fit your specifications.  Send me an email or call and I'll create you a specialized accessory.
2 yard Umbrella Swift in Burled Walnut
My latest Umbrella Swift creation, made with Burled Walnut.  The slats are made with South American hardwood for durability and the slat collets are made of Bobinga.  Truly an heirloom piece.  See this and my other products in my Etsy page.  Just click on the Etsy link to the left!
2 Yard plus Umbrella Swift of Fingered Maple
Umbrella Swifts are my favorite accessory to build.  Each piece is individually carved, sanded and oil rubbed.  I happened upon a piece of Fingered Maple and saw my next Umbrella swift.  This swift is made of several types of Maple and the knobs are of walnut.  Each one of my accessories are unique.  
Umbrella Swift
Feast your eyes on this Burl Maple Umbrella Swift.  Trimmed in Black Walnut and finished with Teak oil.  Q used the bark in this piece because it is hard to beat the patterns in mother nature.  This piece will hold up to a 3 yard skien and will operate as fast as you can crank your ball winder.  The maple slats are thicker than manufactured similar items and tied with braided nylon for durability.
Burled White Oak
Burled Cherry
Lazy Kates
Pictured is a Birdseye Maple Lazy Kate, trimmed in mahogany, inspired by the ideas of a spinner. These are floor models with the capacity to take 5” diameter bobbins with a 6” length.  The rods are threaded for secure use and is equipped with a bobbin break so that your fiber doesn’t freely unwind.  Q's looks for the most beautiful natural grain to compliment these pieces. All accessories made are created individually and are unique.  They can be made to your specifications at no extra cost. Give me a call to make that personal accessory for you.
Folding Lazy Kate in Cherry and Walnut
This Lazy kate is made to fold up with the bobbins still in place.  This model is handy for traveling to you favorite spin in.  This Lazy Kate was special order to fit the clients bobbins and made of hardwoods of her choice.  Send me an email with your special request and I will make a heirloom quality accessory for less than you would suspect.  spunup54@gmail.com
Custom Niddy Noddys
The Niddy Noddy's here are what I like to call the Master's set.  Each set can be made to the spinner's specifications. The one pictured measures a 1/2  yard for samples, a 1 yard and 2 yard break down model.  This model was made out of African Mahogany, an exotic, and is complimented with a braided elk leather purse.  This item is available in the spinner's desired sizes and choice of wood.  A must for the hand spun yarn sales.  Try one of our Umbrella Swifts to compliment your ensemble.
Muckle or Accelerator Heads
The three heads are called Muckle or Accelerator heads.  They were developed for walking wheels and have ratios around 230:1.  The model on the far left is an original Pierce and Co., a model I restored for a spinner with nylon bearings in wood housings for easy disassembly and storage. (The little buggers are sharp, ask Sleeping Beauty).  The model in the middle is believed to be a remake from Canada with the original spindle.  The owner asked that I restore this one with Leather bearings. The model on the right is my imitation of an Accelerator Head.  Q's can make any model for you, including Bat Heads and spindles for your new wheel.  Look on my Etsy page for available inventory. 
One of the four accelerator heads I have created lately.  With a 42" drive wheel, this model has a 340:1 ratio...Sweet.  It comes with a 1/4" spindle  with 6" of thread load.  Made of Hard Maple, quilted Maple and pieces of African Paduck.  the bearings for the spindle are nylon inclosed in Maple for a smooth operation.  Contact me for a custom model for your wheel.
The Custom Skein Setter
I was having a conversation with an accomplished knitter that described the merits of of setting the skein after it's hot bath. This procedure helps keep the curl out of knitting and is popular with weavers.  She went on to describe how she used dowels and weights to accomplish the task.  I found this process tedious and created this new accessory.  Each Skein Setter is custom made to fit the skein off YOUR Niddy Noddy.  Give us call to order yours.  (Pictured is a custom Skein Setter for a 2 yard Niddy Noddy in Maple and Walnut in the break down version.)