Spinning Wheel Restorations

circ. 1850 Finnish Style Production Wheel
Presenting Ola, a 1850 circ. Finnish style production Wheel.  Ola was missing several parts when I took possession, so I decided to take a number of liberties with her.  She is equipped with a new Mother of All, with 4 each bobbins of 4oz., a new spindle of 5/16" at a height of 27" from the floor, a new wheel axle  and crank with kevlar bushings placed discriminately in all places metal contacts wood and a new treadle with built in Lazy Kate that puts her into a left hand set.  Please study the manner I sit at Ola while plying finger weight yarn.  Her design is ergonomically correct and this position makes it easy to get to all controls and accessories. 
Her drive wheel is 27" and she is equipped with a 3 speed drive whorl of 13:1, 9:1 and 8:1 ratios.  She is quiet and smooth in operation for long hours of production spinning.
Shipping is negotiable upon purchase.  You may see details on my Etsy account.

Bavarian Parlor Wheel circ.1850
This Bavarian Parlor Wheel has had three owners. It is believed to be from it's home country from the mid-1800's. As is usual with these older wheels, parts were missing, broke and exchanged out for some parts that did not fit.  In this example, I made a new flyer, drive whorl and bobbin for the MOA.  I repaired the treadle leathers and leather flyer bushings. The Footman was not the original so I carved one more in keeping with the original artist's style out of Quilted Maple. The wheel is now in excellent condition and spins lace quality fiber with ease.  Truly a graceful and delicate lady of old. 

1878 A. Ouellet

This wheel was presented to me as a restoration project. It had the above information stamped in the end of the wheel axle stand. The wheel had seen too many repair amateurs to make the wheel original again. The owner wished for me to make her into a working wheel for her at her specifications. 
Included in my repairs were a new flyer (I saved the spindle and whorl nut), drive whorl with 8:1 and 12:1 ratios for diversity, two new bobbins, a new footman (the old one was a badly carved piece of pine), bushed the treadle where it went into the legs for durability and smoother action and new leather bearings. The orifice bushing was made to be removed due to someone gluing in the maidens.

I found her to spin magnificently, smoothly and quietly. The customer has less than $500 into this wheel and it will live out it’s purpose for another 136 years…my favorite part of restoring these old graceful ladies.

Brazilian Spinning wheel
I received this wheel from North Carolina.  The owner claimed that it had been brought up by family from Brazil and was made from a hard wood in that area.  The wheel was carved in the French style.  I restored the missing Mother of All and the treadle on this wheel.  I also made a new crank and axle to replace the bent one for the drive wheel.  I made the MOA out of Bobinga to keep in theme with the South American hard wood it was carved from.  The wheel comes equipped with 4 each bobbins at a 4 oz. capacity.  The stainless steel spindle has a 3/8 orifice for beaded or larger yarns.  The drive whorl is made with two Ratios 6:1 and 11:1 for diversity. The crank at a 10:1 ratio, gives the treadle a smooth and easy cycle. The single treadle is made of Montana Juniper.  This wheel is made for the spinner that draws with the left hand and has the right hand forward for drafting.
Swiss Bavarian Side-Pedal Wheel  circ.1850

I was presented with a Swiss-Bavarian side pedal wheel, missing one of it's maidens and with only a part of a bobbin. Someone had began to replace the treadle, but had not installed it. The craftsmanship was beautiful.  The wheel was carved of Maple, except for the  drive wheel which is fir or spruce.  The wheel had some worm damage, but was in remarkable condition for it's age.
My first challenge was to research the how the missing maiden functioned for this wheel.  After doing my research, I found that the wheel was a single drive, probably used in spinning flax.  The ratio being approximately 28:1.  The new owner is a beginner spinner and I suggested making the drive whorl on the bobbin as close to 7:1 and 11:1.  I was able to get an 8:1 and 12:1 drive ratio, a wide variety for her to spin with.  
The maiden is made with an Irish Brake with adjustment on the maiden itself.  I embellished the maiden with a nylon bearing for the orifice to improve performance and durability.
The owner complained of the treadle it came with being "clunky" and wanted something more fitting it's beauty.  My research showed that the treadle was close to accurate in design so did some shaping and carving on it to bring out some beauty.  I bushed both sides of the treadle axle to keep it from doing further damage to the actual wheel.  
The axle on the crank was badly worn causing a clunking when operated, so also was replaced.
Walking Wheel Accelerator Head
Pictured is an original accelerator head with a new stainless steel spindle and bearings.  The client presented me with the majority of the head and asked that I restore the item so that she could spin on the wheel.  Instead of using original braided corn husks, I replaced the bearings with wood and nylon bearings for a smooth action.  
The bearing lock pins were made to come out easy so as to be able to store the spindle when not in use. (They are a bit pointy, ask Snow White)